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In addition to owning and operating Stone Hill Ranch, Bob schedules a few horsemansip clinics organized to start unbroke colts, reteach horses with problems, and teach riders advanced horsemanship prinicples and performance. Bob and Deborah have adapted good teaching principles with practicality and their ranching experience.

Starting a young horse entails three full days including working individually to the level of being handled, saddled and ridden safely. Buliding blocks of knowlege and confidence of both horse and rider are advanced to accomplishing a soft stop, turning both directions, begin backing and side passing, and being ridden in the open.

Problems, concerns, and improved performance are covered in a separtate two to three full day clinic that is organized according to participants areas of interests. Topics of trailer loading, clipping, rearing, lead changes, canter departures, and other subjects are taught for all riding disciplines. To organize a great clinic in your area, participate in a clinic or branding or just spend a couple of days riding in the Cypress Hills area see the Contact Page for phone or email.


Upcoming Clinics for 2012

  • March: Colt starting
  • April: Riding in a hackamore
  • April: Ranch roping and branding techniques
  • May: Colt starting
  • June: From beginnings to the bridle
For additional information, or to book a spot, please contact us. Quality ranch horsees for sale at times.



"I have grown up around horses, and an important goal in my life has been to improve my knowledge and ability to further understand this passion. There are many clinicians and trainers who offer to share their approach to working with horses, however, none have come to close to impacting my way of learning like Bob Kaufman has. What makes Bob different from many others is his ability to work from the mental and emotional aspects of the horse, which ultimately yields the desired physical response most riders are looking for, regardless of the discipline. Bob is an exceptional horseman, teacher and has unwavering patience. My first clinic was 10 years ago and last summer I attended three separate clinics of his; all of which contribute to my desire to become the best I can be with horses and myself. I can personally guarantee that the time spent with Bob Kaufman will be valuable experience."

- Conor MacLean, Okotoks, Alberta

"...I was watching a Buck Brannaman tape tonight and he emphasised counter cantering. It seems like a lot of guys stress this to a certain degree, but I am not really sure I understand the function or purpose of counter cantering. Bob Avila also talks about it in his series, but again, it is not well explained. You always explain these things better."

- Marlan Maldaner Rolling hills

Bob and Deborah Kaufman.