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Bobís interest in rangelands, livestock management, and wildlife has allowed for opportunities to apply principles and practices in enhancing and protecting resource values. Over a number of years, Bob has been involved in professional development workshops and seminars, both as a presenter, and as a participant in the areas of range and ranch management, as well as riparian management and wildlife concerns. Principles applied at Stone Hill Ranch are being applied in other areas.

Bob graduated from the University of Montana with a B.Sc. in Resource Conservation, and Forestry, (Range Management Option). Bobís experience in managing large ranches has enabled him to operate varied irrigation systems, from pivot to flood irrigation, utilization of seeded tame grasses for early season grazing,and design of complimentary grazing systems to accommodate livestock use while maintaining the integrity and sustainability of the grasslands for watershed and wildlife with the capacity to fiscally manage a business. This enables Bob to offer both the science and art of 'looking after the land'. He has worked in the foothills, mountain plateau, and mixed grass prairies, and has gained an insight few realize.

Bob intermittently contracts range inventory work and management options for livestock grazing relative to wildlife species. Bobís ability to work with and teach people has been further developed by conducting horsemanship clinics as time has allowed. His practical, and sometimes philosophical approach is refreshing and easy to relate.

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